Our program consists of one morning (AM) class and one afternoon (PM) class, each with a maximum of 24 students. Below is the schedule of a typical day at our school:

AM         PM

8:15      12:15      Working Parent Meeting

8:30     12:30    Door Opens -- Kids play and explore classroom

8:50     12:50    Clean up and meet at circle area    

9:05      1:05     Table Work Project

9:15       1:15       Free discovery inside AND outside

10:10     2:10     Clean up and meet at circle area    

10:30    2:30    Wash hands for snack time

10:35     2:35     Eat snack

10:50    2:50     Outside discovery time

11:10      3:10      Come inside and meet at circle area

11:15       3:15      Dismissal

Goals and Philosophy

Membership in a parent participation nursery school is a family experience. We share goals, benefits, and responsibilities. For parents who work part or full time, be advised that California law allows parents, grandparents and guardians to take time from work to participate in their children's school or child care activities.


For our children, JMPNS provides an opportunity to:


  • Be themselves and develop at their own rate

  • Express themselves freely and constructively through art and play materials

  • Learn to be tolerant, creative, cooperative, and imaginative

  • Learn to be independent, able to solve their own problems and to do things for themselves

  • Enjoy a preschool experience that will simplify adjustment to elementary school and other social situations

  • Learn to establish close relationships with adults other than their family

  • Learn limits of behavior regarding safety, health, and respect for the rights of others

  • Build feelings of self-confidence, security, and an acceptance of reality

  • Extend and enrich their understanding of the world

  • Increase their ability to handle their emotions constructively

For parents, JMPNS provides an opportunity to:


  • Share our child's first experience away from home

  • Become more aware of the child's world and understand his/her behavior, based upon knowledge of growth and development

  • Achieve a more positive approach to our child-adult relationship through professional guidance and shared experience with other parents

  • Provide techniques of working with children and insight into human relationships through participation in the parent education program

  • Increase our understanding of the needs of the other adults and the needs of the group

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