Registration Documents

Please note that paperwork for 2020-2021 may be slightly different than the list below. Consider waiting to fill out forms until the final packet has been released. 

Enrollment for in-person learning for March-May 2021 has opened. Spaces are limited! Contact the school before filling out any paperwork. 

Below is a list of all required paperwork for enrollment. Please ensure that you fill out each form in its entirety. Incomplete or missing documents will delay enrollment. Registration and materials fees are due upon submission of registration forms (see our fees page for current amounts). To submit paperwork, you may: 1) scan and email the forms to; 2) drop them off in person; 3) mail them to P.O. Box 370, West Sacramento CA 95691

2021-2022 Enrollment Has been postponed:

We will begin enrolling later in the spring and into summer.

Enrollment after the start of the school year:

After submitting all of the required forms, your child may start school one week from that date, to allow us time to process the paperwork. We strongly suggest making copies of all paperwork for your own records.

  1. Registration Form

  2. Parent Agreement

  3. Photo Release Form  
    Note: If you do not want pictures of your child on social media, please note this on the form.

  4. Pest Management Training Certificate

  5. Parents' Rights Form

  6. Personal Rights Form

  7. Identification & Emergency Contact Info

  8. Consent for Medical Treatment

  9. Physician's Report & Immunizations
    Note: The Physician’s Report MUST be filled out and signed by your child’s physician or stamped by the office. Your child’s immunizations may either be filled out on this form, or a copy of their record may be attached.
    Required Immunizations: Polio (3), Dtap (4), MMR (1), HIB (4), Hep B (3), Varicella (1)

  10. Working Parent(s) Immunizations

  11. Checklist & Signature Page

  12. Lead Poisoning Facts
    Please print this flyer and keep it for your records, it does not need to be signed or returned to the school.

Financial Assistance for New Enrollees 

Financial assistance is available for families in need for an amount up to the full cost of monthly tuition. Financial assistance is awarded on a first come first serve basis, is only available until funds are depleted, and is awarded for a three month period (with the option for renewal, subject to board approval). To apply for financial assistance, please fill out the application below and email it to or you may mail it to P.O. Box 379, West Sacramento, CA 95691.

Financial Assistance Application

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