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"She has become a confident and academically-ready kid"

"She looks forward to preschool everyday, and so do I"

     "To be honest, it was the price that drew us in at first. Having researched the tuition for other preschools in the West Sac area, we were easily interested in this program as it is affordable. 

     However, it was the school, the teachers, the community within James Marshall, the sense of involvement and more that kept us loving the school. Though it is a lot of work, it's well worth it. 

     This will be our third year here, and I can't say enough how much it has had a positive influence on my kids and my family. As a parent I am learning so much from the teachers, fellow parents, and the other children as I participate in class.
     It's great seeing what my oldest son has learned and gained from the past two years. It sets him on the right track for all future learning. Can't wait for my youngest to experience the same.
    I'd recommend JMPPNS to families that are looking for a school where they can get involved, grow and thrive in an educational and community atmosphere." 


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